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Disabled Sailing Program see video

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION click here for a PDF flyer (2.5MB)

Each summer, approximately 1,000 disabled people learn the skills of sailing in our fleet of specially adapted sailboats. The Sail To Prevail fleet includes six 20-foot “Independence” sailboats, which are used for all our daily sailing programs. Our programs strongly encourage disabled individuals to be active participants – with opportunities to steer the boat as well as to grind winches and trim sails. The measurable outcomes demonstrate an increase in self-confidence, leadership ability and teamwork skills.

Physically Disabled Program: Participants are boarded onto the sailboats using a lift, if necessary. Then they are safely secured into specially designed pivoting seats, allowing them the freedom of movement to sail the boat. Physical disabilities include but are not limited to those with paralysis, blindness, deafness, and amputation.

Developmentally Disabled Program: The Sail To Prevail Instructors are trained to help make sailors out of individuals with developmental disabilities such as ADD/ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, and Down Syndrome.

Autism Program: Serving the broad spectrum of autism, children are assigned specific tasks aboard the sailboats to improve their focus and concentration skills. Young sailors are encouraged to sail with a caregiver or parent. (See PUFFS – Participants Utilizing Family For Support).

Physical Therapy Program: Sailing and other participatory activities can be important in the continued physical, mental, and societal re-entry success of people in physical therapy. Grinding winches, pulling lines and steering the boat can provide beneficial Physical and Occupational Therapy. Additionally, sailing rejuvenates the mind and provides an opportunity to rebuild confidence and experience progress.

Emotional Therapy Program: Dedicated to those individuals who are experiencing emotional trauma in their lives. Our methodology seeks to enhance the positive aspects derived from participating in the soothing and comforting environment of sailing.

In addition to serving the above groups of individuals with disabilities or challenges, Sail To Prevail also offers the following specific programs:

Sail Away From Cancer Program: Established and pioneered by Sail To Prevail, pediatric cancer patients sail with their resident doctors and family members to create a unique “out of hospital” experience.

Disabled Veterans Program: Honoring those who have served our country, dedicated clinics and free sailing are offered to our distinguished soldiers wounded in combat. Disabled Veterans are welcome to sail with us throughout the summer.

Paralympic Training & Regattas: Sail To Prevail has all three of the Paralympic Class boats (23-foot “Sonar" for a three-person team, a “SKUD 18” for a two-person team, and a "2.4 Metre" for an individual). These sailboats are available to train disabled individuals who aspire to compete for a place on the USA Olympic/Paralympic Team.

Facility & Instructors:
First-time and experienced sailors are welcome at Sail To Prevail. Our program is available to all people with disabilities and has programs designed to meet specific needs.

The Sail To Prevail docks are located at Fort Adams State Park in Newport, Rhode Island, and parking is onsite. All docks and facilities are 100% accessible, including Hoyer and Spectrum lifts for transfers. Our sailing instructors are certified by US Sailing and have years of experience, including teaching and coaching sailors with disabilities. We provide all required safety equipment, and our instructors accompany every group on the water.

The Sail To Prevail fleet includes six 20-foot “Independence” sailboats, which were custom designed and built so that even the most disabled sailor can handle the boat. Each "Independence" contains two swiveling supported seats for those in wheelchairs. Families, friends and doctors are encouraged to join, as our boats can accommodate up to five participants and one instructor.

Registration and Fee:
Sailing in our 20-foot “Independence” fleet is available from mid-June to mid-August on weekdays at 10:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m., as well as weekends by appointment. Safety equipment is provided and the limit is 5 total participants per boat. The fee is $70 per BOAT (up to 5 people; so it is only $14 per person if the boat has 5 people!) for two hours of lessons or recreational sailing, and advanced instruction and coaching are available upon request. Need-based scholarships are available upon request.

Registration is first come first serve after March 1. Please download a Registration form from this website.

To schedule a date/time to sail, please contact our Sailing Director: 401-849-8898

Click here for a PDF (2.5MB) about the Disabled Sailing Program.

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